Smart Enforcement of Transport Operations

The SETO project starts from Dublin its journey towards the smart enforcement of transport operations


The kick-off meeting of the SETO – Smart Enforcement of Transport Operation project, funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe programme, was held on 20-21 June 2023 in Dublin, at the University College Dublin.

The aim of SETO is to create a framework for existing and future-proof smart transport enforcement in multimodal and cross-border contexts. SETO will indeed introduce a middleware in the form of a digital Platform that collects data from the broadest possible sources, such as sensors and IoT-enabled devices (installed on vehicles, vessels, cargo, etc.) and simplifies digitising objects (e.g. scans of physical documents). In the end, SETO will promote a more transparent enforcement process, leading to a competitive and fairer European transport market, with less corruption, less accidents, less tensions among transport operators.

During the two days of work, opened by a presentation of the project to a representation of stakeholders from the world of transport, the 14 partners from 7 different European countries were able to discuss the first operational steps of the project.

“It was an intense two days of fruitful exchange between all partners”, said Beatriz Martinez-Pastor, Project Coordinator. “We are strongly motivated to contribute, thanks to SETO products, to a greater efficiency and effectiveness of the Transport Directives and Regulations enforcement systems. We are aware of the importance of developing new solutions within a sector which is strategic for the economic growth and environmental and social sustainability of the entire continent”.


The next steps of the project will be reported on its official profiles, and on the website.

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