Smart Enforcement of Transport Operations


The current enforcement system of transport Directives and Regulations is time-consuming, labour-intensive, inefficient, and it is applied on a random basis. Also, it goes beyond the capability of a human person (e.g., enforcing officers) to gather and grasp all the relevant data simultaneously to make a justified enforcement decision. This burdens the control authorities and reduces the efficiency of enforcement procedures, leading to road congestion, accidents, damage to the infrastructure, disruption in the supply chain, increased greenhouse gas emissions and social anxiety. 

Hence, SETO creates a digital Platform that collects and integrates data from the broadest possible range of sources, providing easy access to information related to specific regulations. The Platform will ensure data security by implementing the most recent industry standards and utilising blockchain technology. This will result in an innovative, efficient, consistent, and resilient enforcement support system available in multimodal and cross-border contexts.

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Through the implementation of its solutions, SETO aims at contributing to a competitive and fairer transport market. The goals are optimising the use of human and economic resources, and leading to broader impacts. This includes, strengthening the economic growth by reducing supply-chain associated costs, decreasing the number of accidents, increasing sustainability of transport operations,  accelerating the deployment of e-government services, and improving transport workers’ social conditions.

To effectively address these ambitions, the Platform will be validated in real-life scenarios, with the direct involvement of relevant stakeholders and promoting ‘soft enforcement’ approaches resulting in a compliant-by-default. 

SETO is a project funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe Programme. SETO Consortium is composed of 14 partners from seven European Countries which bring together a wide variety of expertise and know-how from all stages of the transportation value chain and from different standpoints of the issue at stake. This diversity will also ensure the dissemination/exploitation of the products and technologies developed within SETO. 


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