Smart Enforcement of Transport Operations

4th SETO Plenary Meeting in Bordeaux: A Crucial Moment for Advancing Smart Enforcement of Transportation Regulations in Europe


From June 12th to June 14th SETO project partners convened in Bordeaux (France) for their fourth Plenary Meeting. This gathering marked a significant milestone in our journey, as we are in a crucial phase of developing a cutting-edge, one-click-away platform designed to facilitate the smart enforcement of transportation regulations. The meeting’s timing was particularly important, as our Living Lab activities, aimed at testing the platform in real-world conditions in Belgium and France, are approaching.

The agenda included informative site visits that provided valuable insights and set the stage for productive discussions about the project’s future. One highlight was the visit to the iconic Chaban-Delmas liftable bridge, a marvel of modern engineering that symbolizes the intersection of tradition and innovation. Another key visit was to the WIM (Weigh-In-Motion) site and the Atlandes control centre along the A63 motorway.

While the WIM site is an advanced facility that plays a crucial role in monitoring and managing transportation load limits, the Atlandes control centre offered a glimpse into the sophisticated operations that ensure smooth and safe transit along one of the region’s vital transportation arteries.

These visits not only underscored the technological advancements and logistical intricacies involved in modern transportation management but also provided a rich backdrop for in-depth discussions about the next steps in our project. The exchanges among partners were both enlightening and inspiring, fostering a collaborative spirit that will undoubtedly propel the project forward.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to ATLANDES and Université Gustave Eiffel for their exceptional hospitality and for providing such enriching experiences.

Together, we are making significant strides in revolutionizing transportation regulation enforcement, enhancing efficiency, safety, compliance, and smart enforcement across Europe.

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