Smart Enforcement of Transport Operations

SETO’s journey to the UK to promote technological innovation


DIC recently participated in the “Engage with… LIVE! 2023 – Driving Forward UK Electrification Technologies” event in Birmingham, UK, organized by Innovate UK KTN. The event served as a valuable platform for DIC to connect with industry leaders and stakeholders, actively contributing to the progress of sustainable and efficient electrification in the transportation sector. At the event, DIC presented the SETO Project, by emphasizing the synergies and benefits that digital platforms like SETO can offer to transport operators. The occasion facilitated insightful discussions and networking opportunities with key players in the transportation electrification landscape.

As part of their UK journey, DIC visited Professor Mahdi Bodaghi at Nottingham Trent University, a renowned leader in 4D printing technologies. Discussions with Professor Bodaghi centered on the groundbreaking potential of 4D printed embedded sensors, aiming to explore their seamless integration into SETO Project digital platform solutions.

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